Robert Conine: Digital Art on Display

Joel D. Valdez Main Library
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Primary categoryCategory: Art Exhibits
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The art of Robert Conine will be on display at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library during regular library hours in February.

Artist Statement: For years I've made drawn studies of items and objects of interest to me; many of these drawings have been made on computer using the digital drawing application Adobe Illustrator. They get filed in a bank of images which I think of as a tinkerer might think of a workshop full of junk...there to use and explore. The bank continually gets consulted and raided, as one of the advantages of digital media is the ability to make copies, cannibalize, and manipulate while saving all stages of change.

In some respects, I view my computer bank as a musician might a musical instrument: something to be "played" and exercised when the user wants to riff, or compose, or make extemporaneous exploration.

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