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Ages 6-12

Time: 1-4:30pm

Cost: FM/$85 PM/$110


Week #1: May 30-Jun 2

Pass, Shoot, Score…GOAAAAALLLLLLLLLL !!!!! Corner- Kick your summer off with a fun filled, High Intensity week of Soccer. This designated week will focus on Moderate Competition and Success through Teamwork. Campers will benefit from completion of drills, ball-handling skill sets, individual and team goal setting, and Nutrition Education through Health and Wellness. Campers will enjoy continuous active rotating stations and competitive scrimmaging while learning the importance of proper stretching to avoid injury, the necessity for proper hydration, and a variety of skill sets pertaining to the YMCA core values.


Week# 2: Jun 5-9

Lay-Up and Stay Up as you bounce your way into Basketball Week! This week will be comprised of high-intensity drills, ball handling skill sets, and improvement of hand/eye coordination. Campers will have the opportunity to utilize their leadership skills through communication, strategizing amongst teammates and against opponents, taking initiative for their roles, and cooperating with a positive, yet competitive mindset. Campers will receive a balanced day of active rotations and cool down stations where they will learn the importance of proper food consumption, healthy snacking, and continuous hydration.

Flag Football

Week#3: Jun 12-16

Maneuver and Move your way into Week three of flag football. Campers will learn the basic fundamental skills, rules and regulations, and a variety of play sets with their teammates and opponents. Campers will learn the importance of team work involving catching, throwing, punting, blocking and managing defensive and offensive tactics. This week’s Nutrition Education will be centered around the importance of Rest and Repair of muscles, joints, and tendons after high-intensity Post competition.


Week #4: Jun 19-23

Bump, Set, Spike your way into Week Four of Volleyball, where the Net is not the limit! This week Campers will enjoy the agility of this sport by learning about proper techniques for passing, setting, and scoring. Campers will be in for a full body workout as they will be using every part of their body to maneuver to and from positions. Campers will go through various stations with active drills that pertain to each position, learning about the importance of team work, communication, trust, and mobility. This week will also be balanced out with Nutrition Education pertaining to the consumption of Carbohydrates for Pre-Competition and consumption of Electrolytes for Post Competition.

Multisport Baseball/Softball

Week 5: Jun 26-30

Swing your way into Week 5 and catch the fever! It’s a Fastball comin’ right at ya to get you ready for a week full of Baseball and Softball Drills, Teambuilding Activities, Intense Competition, and Health and Wellness Tips pertaining to taking care of Sore Muscles, Pulled Muscles and proper stretching to prevent these from occurring. Campers will learn rules, brief history of sport, positions, and proper techniques for throwing, catching, fielding, and hitting. They will then be able to apply what they have learned through controlled scrimmages and active team building activities.

Indoor Floor Hockey

Week 6: Jul 3-7

Push, Hit, Drive!!! Get ready for an action packed week of Indoor Hockey. This week campers will have the opportunity to learn the different rules and regulations, positions and plays, and defensive and offensive tactics to help them improve their game! Campers will complete various drills and skill sets centering around teamwork, responsibility, planning, and trust. We will have a balanced week of intense activities and nutrition education pertaining to Meals and proper portioning using the My Plate food guideline.

Multisport: (Kickball, Dodge Ball, Team Handball, Capture the Flag)

Week 7: Jul 10-14

It’s Wacky, It’s Wild, and it’s the Most Fun you will ever have competing with our Ultimate Sports Combo! Power Surge your way into week 7 with some crazy-fun activities that we have integrated with Kickball, Dodge Ball, Team Handball and Capture the Flag. To keep your camper on their toes, we have designed a week which will consist of team building activities and fun-filled competition stations that push the limit to regular gaming. We will have larger balls, blind folds, relay races, obstacle courses, and many, many more to keep your camper competitively satisfied! Campers will get their daily dose of nutrition education and health and wellness by using pedometers to track steps and learning about their heart rates.

Net Games: (Table Tennis, Pickle Ball, Badminton)

Week 8: Jul 17-21

Play like a Pro as we kick off week 8 with fun filled games and skill sets to improve your Net Gaming! Campers will engage in competitive and intense team and individual activities centered around Racquet Ball, Table Tennis, and Bad Minton. These Net Games are designed to motivate our campers to plan, strategize, and multitask while enjoying a competitive atmosphere. Campers will also learn about Proteins, Carbohydrates, Good Fats vs. Bad Fats and how they can affect their levels of energy.

The Combine: Ultimate Fitness!

Week 9: Jul 24-28

Fuel Your Way to Fitness in week 9 with our Combine, The Ultimate Fitness Week! This week campers will have the opportunity to engage in High Intensity Combine Workouts that include Team Building Games, Body Resistance Intervals, Agility Courses and Obstacle Courses designed to test and improve their Stamina. Campers will have the opportunity to be successful in every activity they do while testing their endurance. This week is designed to provide our campers with a positive mindset through motivation and determination.

Boc ’N’ Roc: (Bocce Ball, Rock Wall)

Week 10: Jul 31-Aug 4

Whether your Pallinos are on Point, or you’re Pushing your Limits on the Rock Wall…Week 10 is the Week for Strategy and Strength. Campers will have the opportunity compete and enjoy activities centered on Bocce Ball and our Rock Climbing Wall. Since this is our last week, our goal is to allow campers to test their limits both physically and psychologically using skill sets centering around strategizing, organization, formation, and organization. Campers will be learning about nutrition labels and the importance of portion sizing.

InfoOrganization: YMCA of Southern Arizona
InfoAges: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
InfoCamp price: $85-$110
InfoCamp hours: Half-day
InfoExtended day offered: No
InfoLunch: No
InfoMaximum attendees: 40
InfoThis camp usually fills up: Yes
InfoCamp topics/interests: Sports, General
InfoRegistration deadline: Friday, Jul 28, 2017

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