Jacqueline Chanda: Paintings on Display

Joel D. Valdez Main Library
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Jacqueline Chanda was born in Detroit, Michigan. She completed her undergraduate work in painting and drawing in the US at UCLA and her graduate work in visual art and plastic arts theory and aesthetics in France at the Sorbonne University. Although her life and career as an academic has taken her on many divergent directions and adventures, and to many different states and countries, her jobs were always connected with the visual arts. After 27 years of art education teaching as an assistant, associate and full professor; research which produced over 27 publications and 3 books; and higher education administration as a chair, associate dean, dean and president of a small visual arts college, she decided to explore more her creative side and pursue her own art making. She is now a full time artist in Tucson, Arizona.

The work in this exhibition, called Observations, focuses on the interaction of people in interior and exterior scenes. Sometimes the figures are the dominant image and other times they appear on a smaller scale. All of the subject matter is drawn from my own personal experiences and expresses things that I appreciate, have been involved in, or undergone. Whether it is taking a train trip, walking and cycling in Sabino canyon with friends, strolling through the streets of Paris or Aix en Provence, France, drinking tea in a French café, eating in an American restaurant, listening to live music, or working in different artist's studios, they all come together to tell stories. As I travel to different places, I capture interesting scenes either through sketches done from direct observation or photographs I have taken of a particular scene. I compose my pictures in my studio from the working drawings and the photographs. The compositional arrangements of my paintings were inspired by the work of two French artists, Edgar Degas and Toulouse Lautrec. While I did not copy a particular compositional arrangement from either one of these artists, I was greatly influenced by how they used different visual angles or view points, created original compositional layouts and extended the subject beyond the painting's edges with figures cropped in and out by the frame. Thus parts of the figures in my compositions flow off the canvas or project into the painting as in the painting "Tickets Please", where a red shoe comes into the scene from the lower right indicating that someone is sitting there. By using the frame to cut off figures, I capture a single moment in time and thus take the observer on a journey, a journey into my vision of life that delivers a range of visual experiences.

I think of my paintings as inventories of space and color brought about by the interaction of people and things. Other artists who have influenced her work are the French artist Cezanne and the American artist Richard Diebenkorn and their notion of the flow of energy within space through color and structure.

This solo exhibition runs April 1-30, 2017, during regular library hours.

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