Doing What I Can: Ruben Moreno

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"Lamassu" Ruben Moreno

Show: May 6th - June 3rd

Opening Reception: May 6th 6-11pm

Closing Reception: June 3rd 6-11pm

Gallery hours: Fri - Sat 11am - 6pm, Sun 11am to 5pm

This series originated as a personal challenge to create “awareness art” that does not depict the horrors of injustice but, instead, inspires awareness about taking action to address it. I intend this work as a means of eroding complacency, aiding transformational conversation, igniting the self into action, inciting healing, and conjuring up new ways to contribute to the ongoing task for peace and justice.

Maybe visual art as a call to action doesn’t directly cause change but I believe that a thoughtful image with positive intent has the ability to help people heal. I felt I needed to create something beautiful and intriguing to cast a wider net, images that hold the viewer’s attention long enough to take in the nature and meaning of art.

The series depicts timeless mythological beings as symbols for a number of social justice causes. Each being embodies positive traits that are needed to effectively respond to violence and injustice.

The goal of this show is to raise money for nine non-profits. It is my hope that, with your help, this work will help spread awareness and help a few people in this age of global injustice.

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