Carolyn King: Paintings on View

Joel D. Valdez Main Library
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The paintings of Carolyn King will be displayed at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library from October 1-31, during regular library hours.

Artist Statement:

This work is a collection of mixed-media paintings titled "Las Damas del Desierto" (The ladies of the Desert). The images represent women from the six cultures that converged over time in the Southwest to plant the seeds which have blossomed into the contemporary culture we know as Tucson today. These 'Desert Ladies' include women of Native-American, Mexican, Spanish, Caucasian, Chinese and African-American origins. The work will pay tribute to these, our fore-Mothers and sisters, through color, pattern, and texture found in: hair-styles, fashion, textiles, adornment, plants, insects and cultural iconography unique to each tradition. The group will include 10-15 medium to large pieces as well as smaller scale works.

Meet the artist!

Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct 7, 1-5 pm, Children's Meeting Room

Closing Reception: Saturday, Oct 28, 1-5 pm, Children's Meeting Room