Clayton Schwarder: Paintings on Display

Joel D. Valdez Main Library
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The paintings of Clayton Schwarder will be on display on the wooden towers of the Joel D. Valdez Main Library from July 1-31 during regular library hours.

Artist Statement:

"Our society is mesmerized by the instant gratification provided by today's media. The graphic content of television, movies, Internet and video games has numbed our perception of the real world around us. The people we see in photos and on the news become characters that we see as entertainment for the minute or so we are involved with them. We often forget that there is real emotion behind their stories and they might deserve more attention than what we are willing to give. Transforming WWII photography to a more modern, pixelated, color version of its former self creates a new life and atmosphere for the situation portrayed. Often we overlook the complexity of a situation because of the trivial way we receive information these days. I would like for people to be intrigued by the depth and layers provided by the stories told in photos such as these."