30 inspection results available from Thursday, April 27, 2000 through Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

13 violations total.


Violation corrected during inspection

Violation NOT corrected during inspection

InspectedRating and Details
Mar 14, 2017Pass
Feb 6, 2017Fail
Jan 27, 2017Needs Improvement (4 violations)
Foodborne Illness. Hands clean and properly washed
Foodborne Illness. Adequate handwashing facilities supplied and accessible
Foodborne Illness. Proper reheating procedures for hot holding
Retail Practice. Food and nonfood-contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed, constructed, and used
Jun 28, 2016Good (3 violations)
5. Potentially hazardous foods NOT held at proper cooling temperature
17. Food contact surfaces and equipment are NOT cleaned frequently and properly to prevent food contamination
28. Noncritical items NOT in compliance
Nov 17, 2015Good (2 violations)
1. Potentially hazardous foods NOT cooked to proper temperature
28. Noncritical items NOT in compliance
May 28, 2015Excellent
Oct 17, 2014Excellent
Mar 18, 2014Excellent
Sep 18, 2013Excellent
Apr 1, 2013Good (1 violation)
27. Other critical items NOT in compliance
Oct 5, 2012Excellent
Jul 17, 2012Excellent
Jan 13, 2012Excellent
Jul 15, 2011Good (1 violation)
6. Employee's hands and exposed arms NOT clean and properly washed
Jan 20, 2011Excellent
Jul 16, 2010Excellent
Jan 20, 2009Pass
Feb 21, 2007Excellent
Mar 13, 2006Excellent
Jul 13, 2005Excellent
Jan 31, 2005Excellent
Aug 4, 2004Excellent
Feb 2, 2004Good (1 violation)
6. Employee's hands and exposed arms NOT clean and properly washed
Aug 15, 2003Excellent
Feb 10, 2003Excellent
Aug 5, 2002Good (1 violation)
13. Food employees NOT preventing contamination of ready-to-eat food by limiting bare hand contact to approved methods
Mar 12, 2002Pass
Feb 23, 2001Pass
Aug 16, 2000Pass
Apr 27, 2000Pass

Data source: Pima County Health Department

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