David Van Sice: Artwork on Display

Joel D. Valdez Main Library
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Primary categoryCategory: Art Exhibits
Verified eventThis event has been verified by the Arizona Daily Star.

David Van Sice’s artwork is on display on the wooden towers in the café area during regular library hours.

Artist Statement:

I have loved art since I was a small boy, in fact I decided to spend my life as an artist when I was eight years old. Such dedication over the years has required that I develop a strong work ethic and reliability. Still, I truly love exploring the many ways to make art. Sometimes I experiment with the interactions of different kinds of lines or shapes or colors, textures and spaces. I also experiment with different materials and techniques. It is all very pleasant and exciting to me and therefore I am said to be eclectic in my choices of media, technique and subjects. I do this because I know from experience not everyone likes the same kind of art and at the risk of not capitalizing on a niche I enjoy watching people’s eyes light up when they see art that stirs them deeply inside. I enjoy making art and I feel fulfillment knowing my work will help make someone’s life more pleasant.

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