Athena Solan - Primary Materials: Winnowing the 34th and 36th

Joel D. Valdez Main Library
See the event schedule below for dates and times.
Primary categoryCategory: Art Exhibits

The art of Athena Solan will be featured on the gallery walls during regular library hours.

Artist Statement:

I am currently working on a series in which ambiguous environments materialize from a variety of media. I use fabrics and thread for the first layer and then alternate between painting, drawing and more sewing. These landscapes are created as a way of organizing information. The mind will manipulate all input to fit into the psychological models it has created.

All experience is a muddle, until we make a model to explain it. The model can clarify the muddles, but the model is never the muddle itself. - Robert Anton Wilson

Mixed media is the most honest way for me to record data. Drawing and sewing manifest mechanical marks. Paint, on the other hand, introduces a sculptural element to the work through a combination of layering and staining. Research and reflective writing help me to define each piece. Ultimately, my goal is to create a venue for discourse.

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