Kathy Baker-Addy: Artwork on Display

Joel D. Valdez Main Library
See the event schedule below for dates and times.
Primary categoryCategory: Art Exhibits

November's featured artist is Kathy Baker-Addy. View her work in the gallery on the first floor of the Joel D. Valdez Main Library during the month.

Artist Statement:

Books Unfurled

Repurposing everyday items is a tradition of necessity as well as creativity. The series, Books Unfurled, springs from a love of books and creating. Aside from their original intention to share words, thoughts and concepts, books also possess a beauty of line, repetition and harmony. The dark words on the page are proportioned perfectly and contrast starkly with the light paper behind them. The letters, format and papers are of themselves aesthetically pleasing. This series seeks to draw the viewer into the more abstract beauty of books while also nodding towards the stories that books openly share with the reader.

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