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Letter to the Editor

The Arizona Daily Star welcomes original letters with ideas, viewpoints, criticism and news analysis that encourage discussion.

When writing about political issues, authors should fully disclose their relationship with an issue, campaign or candidate. Facts must be annotated by links shared in the "Notes" field. Notes field text is not included in the letter word count. Letters containing information that cannot be easily verified, libelous statements or name calling will be rejected.

Please include in your letter any expertise or special interest in the topic. For example, "As a professor of mathematics, I know the value of arts education."

We suggest you write, edit and save a copy of your letter before copying it into the form.

Submissions may be edited for clarity or length. All submissions become the property of the Arizona Daily Star. Only original material sent exclusively to the Arizona Daily Star will be considered for publishing. Letters to the Editor should be no more than 160 words.

If you do not receive an automated email thanking you for submission - we did not receive it (the main reason is your submission does not fit the allotted word count)

If you wish to relay a message you do not want published to an individual or department, please do so directly. Customer service inquiries, including delivery, vacation stops and billing, should be emailed to or you may call 1-800-695-4492.

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