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Below is information about your login and subscription status as seen by this server. For account security reasons, we recommend that you attempt to sign into from the homepage before using this tool. You will only ever be directed to this page by Arizona Daily Star staff with an or email address if you initiated a formal request for assistance. The following information may contain encoded and privileged account details.

Whether or not you are actually logged in.
Subscriber with market access
An account can be logged in but not have market access to digital/online resources for a variety of reasons. If you are logged in above but don't have market access, contact Customer Service about your account.
Market relationship
Active subscribers have a 'subscriber' market relationship.
Paid subscription / License type
No / unknown
Additional details about the subscription payment status and digital license type.
Required browser cookies
All the cookies above must be set for authenticated logins to be considered as valid. Some web browsers block certain types of cookies by default or block cookies using web browser add-ons/extensions.
Number of browser cookies
Web browsers have a limit of around 50 cookies per website. If too many cookies exist, issues can arise.
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Size of browser cookies
0 bytes
Web browsers have a limit of around 4096 bytes for cookie data per website. If the total size of the cookie data gets too large, issues can arise.
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Raw data
This page was generated using the JSON data at the above link. Note that your web browser might not format the content into a human-readable structure without installing an add-on/extension to read/parse JSON data. The contents contain sensitive information that may be able to be used by bad actors to falsify access to your account.
Share data
By clicking the above link, you agree to share the raw data above plus active session information with limited technical staff at the Arizona Daily Star. The gathered data will be stored temporarily in a database for approximately 72 hours before being purged. The data will be used exclusively for technical diagnostic purposes only.

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